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“Que todos sepan que no he muerto; que hay un establo de
oro en mis labios; que soy el pequeño amigo del viento de
Oeste; que soy la inmensa sombra de mis lágrimas... si me
pierdo, que me busquen en Cuba”.
Federico García Lorca

“Let everyone know that I didn't die; that there's a golden
stable on my lips; that I am the little friend of the Western
wind; that I am the immense shadow of my tears... If I am lost,
look for me in Cuba”.
Federico García Lorca


Art is the country chosen by the Voluntary exiles from the world.

In a democratic country, neither Thoughts are coerced, nor are people forced to do things unwholeheartedly.

Truly women are impossible to understand, if men don’t give in quickly to our requests, we call them cruel barbarians, and even more, beasts. If they concede and give in to us, we say that they are weak or dumb... Ah, women! It would be a pity for us if the
men weren’t as shameless (sin vergüenza) as they are!


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