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Roses sing softly (exerpts)

Everyone learned what they needed to read perfectly the works we were going to sing. The intelligence and dedication everyone devoted to their work which made my teaching especially rewarding is one of the best memories of my life. The happiness that prevailed in the group in the full blush of youth, was like a bouquet of wildflowers, raising their fresh voices, recently trained, to delight not a meadow, but the bare and silent
walls of our Club Seyca.

Once we were prepared, we gave our first recitals. One time we alternated with a theater group directed by our late colleague Cobián. I remember that when we were given the date for our official debut in the Club, Felipe Prieto called me, because I had asked him how we could get some help with the cost of our costumes. His cooperation was excellent. He authorized me to have a seamstress make our outfits, paid for by Solís, Entrialgo and Co. We all went to take measurements and choose a style. It was decided that they would be like the Havana Choir, long,
white and simple. And everyone agreed, on this and on everything,
like always.


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